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There’s no need to go at it alone. Surrounding yourself with the right business partners is a fundamental step to strengthen your company’s offering, as well as diversify the range of services you provide your clients with. Here at Accounting Services, we practice what we believe in!

Accounting Services Ltd is affiliated with A+A Assurance Services Ltd, a company that provides auditing of financial statements and Fairwinds Management Limited, a company formation and administration specialist offering a wide range of corporate and legal services.

As a corporate group, we function together with our business partners as a single entity in order to provide a complete range of fully functional business operation services for our customers. Our collaboration and vicinity allow us to serve you in all your business needs in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

We believe that through the combined efforts of our teams, the diversity of skills they bring to the table, as well as the customer-oriented methodology which we have in common, our group can help you achieve your objectives faster and more effectively.

Each company in the group specializes in different areas which, however, complement and enhance the services offered by the other partners, thus forming a formidable team!

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Fairwinds Management Limiteda company formation and administration specialist offering a wide range of services.

Fairwinds Management Limited is an established professional firm, made up of a team of highly qualified professional stemming out from a legal, commercial, accountancy, and tax practitioners background with vast experience within the financial services industry. As a testimonial to our success, at Fairwinds Management, we refer to how successful our clients have become.

company formation Malta

A+A Assurance Services Ltd – preparation of financial statements and statutory and internal audits.


A+A Assurance Services Ltd provides auditing of financial statements for companies incorporated in Malta that are required to appoint an independent auditor registered with the Accountancy Board.


Incorporate in Malta – online incorporation web shop.

Incorporate in Malta is an online web shop powered by Accounting Services Ltd and Fairwinds Management Limited, where one can simply purchase a company and related services such as opening bank accounts, Malta VAT registrations, Company Secretary services, virtual office services in few clicks.

company formation Malta

Delivering Homes Ltd – offering real estate services.

Central powered by Delivering Homes Ltd, located in Old Railway Track in St Venera, Malta, run by a team of expert in the property industry is specialized in the sale and rental of commercial and residential properties. Delivering Homes offers services to assist clients and customers buy, sell, let, rent and manage their homes and investments.


Admin Genie Ltd - offering personal and corporate assistance services.

Admin Genie has its offices located in Old Railway Track, St. Venera, Malta, and a trained admin team, we offer a range of services to help you run your business more efficiently. Admin Genie brings a flexible and professional approach to assist your business and offload you from routine work or one-off projects.


It pays to have a winning team in your corner. One which cheers you on at every success and advises you with the best way to proceed when the going get tough. Through Accounting Services, you also stand to benefit from the knowledge and services of our trusted and experienced business partners, helping your business prosper at every stage.

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