Meet the Team

Here are some of our team members at Accounting Services!

Adrian Sciberras

Adrian is the boss, with a 247 presence, either in person or virtually. He’s in and out of the office all day, either in meetings, or lectures, or having lunch somewhere. He loves his team and appreciates all the efforts done by everyone in order to serve the clients in the best way possible and grow the business. He is a true leader.

Angela Camilleri

Angela is a junior accounts executive and another shopping addict especially when it comes to her treasured dresses. She is highly organized, outgoing and always ready to lend a hand when needed. Angela manages to keep everyone else well-organized with their paperwork and she lives up to the philosophy that every dream is reachable if you work for it.

Charlene Sciberras
B.A. (Hons)

Charlene is our marketing lady. She takes care of our websites, social media pages, brochures and more; she organises the team events, cooks sweets for the team, and also manages relations with clients mainly Italians and Libyans. She is focused, strict, but also funny. She makes sure that no one gets too close to her precious hand bags.

Chiara D'Angelo
B.Com (Hons) Marketing

Chiara is our marketing assistant. She is a drama-lover and volunteers in her free time. Chiara is a reserved person who loves that occasional good and heated discussion (luckily not at the office!); she strongly believes that every bad experience is the right time to grow. She loves her dynamic job, which satisfies her social media addiction by being online 247.

Christian Mizzi

Chris takes care mostly of our local and Italian clients. He enjoys working in and handling different areas of work. He is very organized, keeps notes, sets reminders, and bugs the team to ensure the kitchen and boardroom are kept clean. Chris is our very own funny guy. When he is out of the office one can immediately feel that he is missing. He is also the one who keeps all the B’Kara area food delivery menus in his drawer.

Conrad Meli

Conrad is our accountant who relishes meeting people from different backgrounds and sectors, having diverse goals and ambitions in life. He is a sports enthusiast (watching not playing!), has a very calm and patient personality, and who is always up-to-date about current affairs. He is the go-to person if you need a pen, as he would usually have loads of them on his desk buried under his papers. Conrad is known for always looking at the positive side of things and believing that everything will work out at the end of the day.

Daryl Azzopardi

Daryl is another junior accounts executive who prefers working on his own for most of the time in order to be able to concentrate, but also loves to interact and meet new people. His goal is to become a qualified accountant. Daryl manages different tasks such as management accounts, payroll, or other work related to accounts administration. In his free time, especially on weekends, you can meet Daryl either at the gym or clubbing. Oh, he loves modelling too!

Dona Rapinett

Dona is our strong lady credit controller, responsible for collecting any payments for our group of companies, a job, which she describes as satisfactory when the money hits our bank accounts! The job helps her getting to know clients and maintaining a good relationship with each and one of them, which is not too difficult for Dona being a sweet and caring person, with an outgoing character. Dona loves enjoying those occasional nice cold beers in the sun, long walks, and keeping herself updated on the latest TV series.

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Joceline Caruana
B.Com, M.Acc, Melit, AIA, Cert.Tax

Joceline is an accountant by profession, however she does not really like numbers. She is in love with MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority), in fact she is our incorporation specialist. Joceline is very much focused, and she can be very quiet sometimes, though she is always on the alert. She loves working till late, meeting people, and food. During our lunch break, she tries to get a taste from everyone's plate.

Maria De Martino

Maria is our corporate advocate. She loves to pass sarcastic jokes and is very humble. She takes every opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. Maria lives up to the saying the best way to predict your future is by creating it. What she loves most from her job is the ability to help people try figuring out the best possible solution for them.

Mary Grace Camilleri

Mary Grace works within our corporate sector. She is responsible for our clients companies’ annual returns and handling opening of bank accounts. She explains that her job is a challenge, keeping her constantly on the alert, giving her great satisfaction. She is a modest person; she likes long walks in the countryside or by the sea. Mary Grace lives to the words that what does not kill you make you stronger.

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