A new Malta


A new Malta

Summer 2016, a period to remember for Malta, where controversial policing decisions are being made by visionary politicians that will set the tone of our country for the next ten years. A future where one can easily envision a country with full employment, an influx of immigrant workers to cater for demand created by new projects, and a ripple effect in a multitude of industries.

Malta’s current visionary government is currently working with boldness and presenting a challenge for the future of Malta. The way forward for this country is to accept this challenge and work together towards progress in order to execute the plans. A pool of opportunities is being created for all of us. Money is not being all pumped into already full pockets, but also in smaller ones. It’s simply a question of seizing the moment, accepting it, and learning how to make the most out of it.

Keeping this optimum is important to empower, energise and inspire the current and future generations to accept these dares, be ready to work in newly created jobs, offer higher level of services and help building this new shiny jewel in the Mediterranean Sea.

All in all, my outlook is strongly positive and I truly believe we are building a new dawn for Malta. We need to call out for the best in people, bring them together and share this sense of prosperity. Because after all, a promising future belongs to the visionary only.

Adrian Sciberras,
CEO, Accounting Services Ltd

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